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Abrasive blasting / Grit blasting / Sand blasting

Surface preparation by blasting with sand or grit for cleaning of steel surfaces. Proper surface preparation is essential for satisfactory performance of any paint systems. Life of the protective coating is dependent on the extent of cleaning of the steel. Abrasive blasting is the process which will clean the mill-scale from corroded steel. The most expensive and advanced coating system will fail, if the surface preparation is in-adequate either in cleanliness or profile.

Abrasive (grit/ sand) will be prasaraised with compressed air on to the steel.
(Corroded material). Blasting is the process which will clean the mill scales from corroded material.

The performance of protective coatings of paint and related products applied to steel is significantly affected by the state of the steel surface immediately prior to painting. International standards iso 8501, iso 8502 and iso 8503 have been prepared to provide method of assessing these factors. While iso 9504 provides guidance on the preparation methods that are available for cleaning steel fabricated materials indicating the specified levels of cleanliness.

The corrosion will be graded as a – b - c - d

The blast cleaning is graded as

1 > sa 1
2 > sa 2
3 > sa 2 ½
4 > sa 3

Sa – 1 :
Wire brush and emery cleaning before paint application.

Sa – 2 :
The grade of blasting is commercial blasting.

Sa – 2 ½ :
The most blasting process will the cleaning grade of sa 2 ½ . The blasting will clean the base material from gress, oil etc., this process is quality and cost effective also.

Sa – 3 :
The grade of blasting is near white material. Surface shell be free from visible oil, greese, dirt and shell free from mill scale. It shell be uniform metallic color.

We can chose the abrasive as per the finish we expect. The abrasive are grit, shot, sand, glass bead, quartz, copper slag etc.

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