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Aluminizing / Spray Aluminizing

Aluminizing is the process which protects the base material from corrosion on elevated temperature. Aluminizing are used extensively by industry to protect steel components and structures from heat oxidation and sealing at service temperature up to 1000 deg c ensuring long term protection.

Spray aluminizing is particularly advantageous in marine and acidic environments. The aluminizing is particularly effective for protecting mild, low alloy and high carbon steels.

Aluminizing is very very effective on generator chimney, duct, generator muffler, and boiler chimney against heat and corrosion at higher temperature.

These coatings are non-pours consisting essentially of an aluminum iron alloy containing around 15 percent aluminum are oxidation and scale resistant at temperature up to 899 deg c

The aluminizing coating is particularly resistant to attacks by sulfurous gases.

Chimney aluminizing and chimney painting will be undertaken at site.

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